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Aerial Wedding Photography

Video and stills of the Bride leaving her home/hotel. The car journey leaving the house. Arrival of the bride at the wedding venue. The happy couple as they exit the wedding venue. Aerial shots of group photos, including any other locations enroute to the celebration venue. More group shots, and venue shots as required.

Roof Surveys

A sound roof is vital to the structural integrity of a property. The simplest and most cost effective method of initially checking your roof for any signs of damage or deterioration is by using a drone. Using zoom cameras and 4k video Droning On can provide you with a detailed view of your roof, chimney stacks, gable ends, ridge tiles and also check the health of your gutters at the same time. This service can be tied in to our 'Home Sweet Home' service.

Bespoke Aerial Landscape Photography 

You might have a favourite location. You may have looked for a certain photograph of that special place but so far have been unable to find it. Droning On can make that dream image into reality. The beauty of drone photography is that we are not limited to capturing one angle of the subject at a time... we can easily change the elevation (altitude) direction and aspect to capture the exact shot(s) you have in your mind. All that remains is to decide on the size and medium you want your image on!

Home Sweet Home

An Englishperson's home is their castle. Why not celebrate your castle with some stunning aerial shots, or even a short film? 

Not just the domain of Estate Agents, an image of your home on a canvas 120cm x 80cm could make a fantastic focal point for any room. It needn't be just a close up either. You may chose to have an aerial image of your neighbourhood with your home centred as the focus.

Marine Aerial

Droning On can offer videography and still shots of you and your boat. Not only berthed on the pontoon, but actually 'in action' out on the water. We are blessed with a glorious coastline here on the South Coast and we can make the most of this backdrop. Launching from our own Merry Fisher vessel we can shoot pretty much anywhere from Portsmouth to Weymouth, subject to any flight restricted areas. 



Droning On can provide images on a wide range of media. Wall art is available as framed or unframed box canvases, on acrylic and even aluminium as well as mounted or framed prints.

Images can be printed on mugs, pens and a multitude of commercial promotional items.


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