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Droning On

Drone photography has a great many uses, from roof surveys and building plot captures through to creating stunning wall art.


As an additional viewpoint to compliment traditional wedding photography, some incredible memories can be captured from above.

Properties don't just need to be photographed for roof repairs.

Your beautiful home might look amazing captured during golden hour from an elevated view point.


The beauty of drone photography is that as long as you fly within CAA regulations your imagination is the only limit. Want an aerial shot of the Bride and Groom in an open top car?... We can do that. Want a video of you in your boat hitting 25 Knots around Old Harry Rocks? We can do that too!

Need to check a roof for storm damage but don't want to spend a fortune on scaffolding? All possible. 

Whatever you want to photograph or film, Droning On can provide the shots and/or film footage.

Our work has been extremely diverse, from shooting RNLI boats in action for their fundraising videos to band video shoots! 

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